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"It"It is a relatively unknown fact that the most reliable predictor of crime is neither poverty nor race, but growing up fatherless"s

  MARS BC - Helping community organizations and individuals to support dads and men

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The MARS BC brochure is located here

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The Menís Affordable Resources Society of British Columbia is an organization dedicated to helping & representing individuals and service organizations who provide resources for fathers and men throughout British      Columbia

Mars BC supports fathers and men as well as children, relationships and families.

Mars BC is helping other individuals and groups lobby for funding for fathers and menís services throughout BC.

Mars BC supports and develops mentoring programs for organizations who would like to set up menís centers in BC.



"If we can keep children connected with their fathers we can address, in one dramatic move, many of the social challenges in our society." Theo J. Boere
Men's Affordable Resources Society of British Columbia