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"It"It is a relatively unknown fact that the most reliable predictor of crime is neither poverty nor race, but growing up fatherless"s

  MARS BC - Helping community organizations and individuals to support dads and men

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Board Members

bullet Theo J Boere - Director and Co-President -

Theo has been the Executive Director of the Nanaimo Men’s Resource Centre since its inception in 2001 and has been active in creating and leading organizations to support dads, men, non-custodial parents and grandparents since that time. His underlying concern has always been to help children stay connected with their parents and extended families. His particular interest has been to foster creative possibilities and lobby for funding for  resources around the province. These resources will help create programs that support fathers and men and their families, and will help them stay connected with their children.

bullet Robert Dean - Director and Co-President -

Robert is the Executive Director of the Tri-City Men’s Resource Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC. He focuses his energy on helping children through supporting their dads. When Robert heard about the Men’s Affordable Resources Society of B.C. and got the opportunity to be involved he jumped at it. He has stated: 'I don’t believe society realizes the amount of damage that is being done to our children as a result of removing dads from their lives. The statistics are staggering, involvement in crime, drug use, alcohol abuse, dropout rates, inability to keep a job etc. all increase when dad is not in the picture. I don’t think that there is a more important purpose, than to have a positive impact on children’s lives.’

bullet Clive Michael Justice - Director and Treasurer -

CM is a special needs educational assistant in North Cowichan and a personal coach who currently runs the “Dads Make a Difference” program for the Nanaimo Men’s Resource Centre. CM is also involved with the Mankind Project staffing their initiation weekends and facilitating the follow-up Integration Groups locally for the last 5 years. CM has also been involved with the Cowichan Valley Men’s Resource Centre since its inception. 

bullet Carmen Barclay - Director and Secretary - Carmen’s career is in conflict management.  She strives to empower people and individuals to manage conflict one step at a time.  Her services include consultation, mediation, training and supervised visitation services through her business ‘Go Between Consulting’.  She has volunteered for a number of Societies, including Board of Directors for Pacific Child Care Society, Nanaimo Family Childcare Association and the Accountability Panel for the John Howard Society. She also has a background in family child care, a degree in Justice, and a Masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Management, along with a strong passion for helping others. 
bullet David Hatfield - Director -

David Hatfield is a leadership consultant, facilitator, and presenter whose work centres on conflict transformation, masculinity, creativity, and communication. He has worked with over 18,000 boys, young men, and adult men in 4 countries exploring male identity and building male community.  His program design and facilitation has been contracted locally, nationally, and internationally since 1998.    

bullet Bill Larose - Director -

Bill Larose is a lawyer and mediator in Nanaimo focusing primarily on family law. He is on the Executive of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Canadian Bar Association. Bill is a strong supporter of the Family Law Reform Task Force’s Recommendations to make family law in British Columbia more responsive to the needs    of families experiencing separation and divorce. He believes in more resources and support for men and families. Bill says, “The ‘bottom line’ is   that supporting fatherhood promotes stronger communities and benefits society as a whole.”

The Men’s Affordable Resources Society of British Columbia is an organization dedicated to helping & representing individuals and service organizations who provide resources for fathers and men throughout British      Columbia

Mars BC supports fathers and men as well as children, relationships and families.

Mars BC is helping other individuals and groups lobby for funding for fathers and men’s services throughout BC.

Mars BC supports and develops mentoring programs for organizations who would like to set up men’s centers in BC.


"If we can keep children connected with their fathers we can address, in one dramatic move, many of the social challenges in our society." Theo J. Boere
Men's Affordable Resources Society of British Columbia